Aisladores Galvánicos

Prevents galvanic corrosion caused by galvanic current flow. A galvanic isolator works by placing a rectifier network between the earth connection of the boat and shore-based main power supply. This stops the small continuous electrical currents that are generated by galvanic reactions between the various metals in contact with one another and the water which can cause rapid and heavy corrosion of underwater metalwork.

Variants are available to cater for 16 Amp, 32 Amp and 70 Amp shore and vessel electrical systems. The appropriate variant should be installed in-line in the earth cable between where shore power enters the boat and the vessels electrical distribution panel. All vessels will benefit from the installation of a correctly installed galvanic isolator, and many marinas make their use mandatory.

Available models:

  • 2160A16 (16Amp)
  • 2160A32 (32Amp)
  • 2160A70 (70Amp)



In any boat light is not only a necessary condition. Light creates ambience and feel of a place. BCM, a brand with experience that creates lights of extraordinary beauty and elegant design, is distributed by Baitra for the markets of Spain and Portugal. This year they celebrate their 60 anniversary and that is why we share this video with all of you.

New Sigmar water heaters by Quick

Los calentadores Sigmar son la mejor elección dentro de la extensa variedad de calentadores del mercado.

sigmar water heaters in baitra

El tanque está fabricado en acero inox 316, revestido de un aislamiento térmico de poliuretano de alta densidad.

Además, está protegido por una carcasa plástica que incorpora los soportes de montaje.

Disponibles en Baitra desde 20L hasta 80L de capacidad y con resistencias de 800W y 1200W.

Sistema de control de luces de navegación

Sistema completo de control para luces de navegación, de LED o incandescencia. Con configuración de botones de grupo (Fondeo, sin gobierno, navegando…), conmutación automática de luz de reserva o fuente de alimentación y alarmas. Disponible conexión entre el sistema de a bordo y el controlador a través de MOD-BUS.

anuncio SCLN español

El panel interfaz , IP65, incluye un botón con piloto LED para cada salida, así como alarmas y botones de grupo, con dimmer en el frente. El panel se diseña según las preferencias del cliente y puede incluir la representación gráfica del barco, mostrando la situación y el estado de las luces. El módulo interfaz puede controlar y monitorizar hasta 32 salidas.

El panel de control y el módulo principal se conectan a través de un único cable apantallado de 4 hilos (Ø 0,25mm), reduciendo el espacio requerido y el cableado. La fuente de alimentación puede situarse en el armario eléctrico, mientras el panel de control se sitúa en el puente de gobierno.

  • Instalación fácil y rápida
  • Se puede situar donde quiera
  • Sistema inteligente

El sistema se compone de un módulo principal y hasta 3 módulos de expansión, soportando 8 salidas cada uno. También está disponible, bajo pedido, un módulo de comunicaciones.

Las luces de navegación pueden recibir dos fuentes de alimentación, monitorizadas constantemente. En el caso de que una fuente falle, el sistema conmuta automáticamente a la de reserva y conecta la alarma. El umbral de alarma (Para mínima y máxima corriente) puede ser configurada para cada fuente de alimentación.

Características principales

  • Hasta 32 luces de navegación
  • Para luces LED y de incandescencia
  • Conmutación automática de luz principal / reserva o cambio manual en caso de fallo
  • Fuentes de alimentación monitorizadas, principal y emergencia
  • Panel interfaz a medida, IP65
  • Cumple los requerimientos de las sociedades de clasificación
  • Para sistemas de 12/24VDC o 110/230VAC

La solución perfecta de control y monitorización para barcos de todos los tamaños. Todo el control en el puente con la instalación más simple y cómoda.

Astondoa 110 Century has been nominated as one of the finalist of the World Superyacht Awards 2017

The Century 110’ is a declaration of principles for the new and updated era adapted to today’s yachts. This is an extremely manoeuvrable ship with megayacht features. It is designed for large groups of family or friends who want to experience the open air with adjustable sunbeds on the bow and the stern, teak decks, and everything needed for outdoor living. The flybridge also makes it possible to enjoy the sea in all types of weather conditions.

Astondoa megayatch - Baitra

The ship has a modern style with bold and balanced lines. It is sporty yet welcoming.
There is a wide array of technology on board, such as a retractable sunroof that opens with the touch of a button. The Sky Lounge is the perfect setting for gatherings or parties at sea or in the marina.
The outdoor galley is intended to be used more frequently than the indoor galley thanks to the barbecue grill, wet bar and outdoor dining area to provide countless daytime and evening alternatives whilst enjoying the sky or a cocktail. Two three-person jet skis fit under the deck, and the stern garage stores a Williams jet tender for reaching shores that are inaccessible for the yacht.
The swim platform provides convenient access to the aft deck that houses a dining area and a sunbed.    Meticulous details have been taken into consideration, such as installing 16 refrigerators throughout the yacht at outdoor and indoor locations as well as in every cabin.

Astondoa megayatch - Baitra

BW Fleet Management Finds Safety and Reliability

Samson 12-strand lines made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber replace failing jacketed mooring lines

Samson mooring ropes, on Baitra

In 2013, BW Fleet Management (BWFM) was facing a safety and operational issue: their jacketed HMPE mooring lines were failing. At one point, seven lines failed on a single vessel during a berthing. This problem was being experienced by other LNG operators in the industry, as well.

After a full investigation of the situation and gaining a new understanding of the
types of mooring lines available, BW FM determined the best way to ensure the
safety of their fleet and their crews was to replace the jacketed mooring lines throughout the fleet. Once the decision was made to address the issue with non-jacketed lines, BW FM considered several manufacturers, and decided to proceed with Samson’s nonjacketed, single-braid 12-strand mooring lines, AmSteel®-Blue, made with Dyneema® SK78. The combination of Samson’s unparalleled industry expertise and their unmatched experience using this innovative grade of Dyneema® helped BW make the decision.

Samson mooring ropes, on Baitra

Griffin Filters, Why are the best?

Griffin has a patented filtring technology for fuel. MICROBLOC® filters, at the same time, solid particles down to 2 microns and water that could appear in the fuel. Double function in the same filter.


Griffin filtros combustibleBaitra


Griffin Group is a global provider of products and services for the filtration industry, utilizing proprietary technology developed from over 30 years of professional experience purifying petroleum-contaminated seawater. In 2003, Griffin scientists developed MICROBLOC®, a revolutionary filtration technology, that is used exclusively in Griffin filtration systems. MICROBLOC® Multigrade Filtration Media Elements have tested to be 99.8% effective in separating water from diesel and bio-diesel fuels and can remove solid contaminants as small as 2 microns in size.
MICROBLOC®: The Clear Advantage

  1. Separate Water From Fuel At 99.8% Efficiency

Water can cause injector nozzle and fuel pump corrosion, ending in equipment failure and downtime. Unfortunately, water vapor continuously condenses inside your fuel tank. Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators eliminate this worry by removing water and other contaminants from your fuel supply. All Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators use the same MICROBLOC®  Multigrade Filtration Media technology. In moisture content tests conducted by PSB Corporation, Singapore on fuel samples taken from a fuel filter / water separator employing MICROBLOC®  Multigrade Media, 99.8% effectiveness of water removal was found to be achieved after 30 minutes of operation of the fuel filter / water.

  1. Remove Damaging Contaminants

Even small, nearly invisible particles can damage injectors and pumps, reducing fuel efficiency, robbing power, or worse. Each refuelling adds millions of tiny contaminants to your fuel system. MICROBLOC®  filters protect your engine from solid contaminants by filtering particles down to 2 microns in size. Elements are available in 2, 10, and 30 micron ratings.

  1. High Capacity

MICROBLOC® elements provide multi-layered filtration. Corrugated filtration media means more surface area to trap contaminants.

  1. Longer Filter Life

MICROBLOC elements don’t need replacement as often as “will-fit” filter cartridges. MICROBLOC®  filtration efficiency is up to 10 times greater than conventional media.

  1. Built to Last

Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators are built to take on any filtration job.

  1. Easy To Replace

All  MICROBLOC®  replacement elements meet or exceed OEM specifications and are easy to replace without the use of special tools.

  1. Enhance Engine Power

Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators enhance engine performance and reliability. You will feel your engine is more powerful and smoother after you install Griffin filters. Griffin filters will give your engine longer life.

  1. Reduce Fuel Consumption

A cleaner running engine runs more efficiently, and uses less fuel.

  1. Environment Friendly

Clean Fuel means cleaner exhaust. Griffin Filters reduce exhaust pollution more effectively than other similar products.

  1. Best Performing, Most Cost-Effective Choice

Griffin Fuel Filter / Water Separators are the right choice for fuel filtration. Relying on research, science, and technology, rather than marketing hype, Griffin can offer products that meet and exceed the leading brands at a competitive prices. Griffin filtration systems with MICROBLOC®  are simply the best performing and most cost-effective choice for your filtration needs.




How it works?

Four Stage Filtration Process:
GRIFFIN filters remove contaminants and separate water using a four stage process.

    Larger solid contaminants and free water are separated.

    Smaller water droplets and solid contaminants are filtered out by MICROBLOC® multigrade filtration media, causing them to coalesce together and fall into the collection bowl.

    Micro action filtration removes the smallest water droplets and solid contaminants from fuel.

    A second micro action filtration ensures nearly 100% pure fuel filtration.

Filter water separator, what is it and what is it used for?

In gasoline engines it is mandatory to install a filter according to international regulations, which is more restrictive with diesel fuel engines. In these last ones, the function of the filter is double, on one hand it must prevent the access of solid particles to the engine and, on another hand, it should avoid that the water passes to the combustion chamber. This dual function is developed by the water and fuel separator filter.


What is it?

A water separator filter is a diesel engine and injectors protection system. This device is not exclusive to recreational boats and commercials ships, but is also installed in large motor vehicles of road vehicles.

How does it work?

The filter has several parts, depending on whether it fulfills the dual function of filtering the solid particles or only decants the water contained in the fuel. Usually the same device runs both tasks. Thus a filter of paper or similar material with a minimum porosity is different to capture the solid particles that barely measure a few microns and a second chamber where the water separates.


The process by which the fuel is separated from the water differs according to the manufacturer. Some choose to subject the liquid to centrifugal pressure and others are based on decantation. Whatever is achieved is that the water, denser than the fuel, is placed on a lower bowl (opaque or transparent) where you can drain the liquid through a key.

The probability of water in the fuel is actually minimal, but it can be caused by contamination during transport, storage in port or in the tanks of the ship itself due to condensation.

Do you need a water separator filter? Visit our Griffin Fuel Filters section at the Baitra Store.